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Reference Date Requested Date Replied Category
test page name 9/11/18 9/11/18 Procedures and Policies
FOI04 9/11/18 9/11/18 Clinical Services
F0I003 9/11/18 9/11/18 Non-NHS Patients
FOI002 9/11/18 9/11/18 Procedures and Policies
FOI001 7/1/18 7/4/18 Clinical Services

The Trust hopes applicants find these details helpful. However if you are unhappy with the response provided please let us know giving your reasons for believing we have not satisfied the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act. The matter will then be considered by the Freedom of Information officer who will respond in writing. This correspondence will include details of the Information Commissioner who you can contact if you remain dissatisfied with our response:

How to make a request

Requests for information must be made in writing. Telephone requests cannot be accepted. We accept requests in the form of:

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Freedom of Information Requests

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust

Chief Executive's Office 
Trust Headquarters
Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital
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