Here at ELHT we value feedback about the experience you receive whilst in our care. All our services offer the opportunity for you to give us information about how you felt your care was provided.

All our staff aim to give you the best possible experience, however if there are things that we could do to improve our care we are keen to know, equally our staff always welcome feedback about good experience.

All our surveys are anonymous and participation is voluntary, however we would encourage you to give honest feedback about your contact with us in order for us to improve the care that we provide.

Below are links to some of the surveys that you can use to give us feedback

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback!

Feedback on our Organisation

We value your comments, compliments and suggestions about services provided by the Trust. Improving patient experience is a key aim for us. By asking, evaluating and acting upon patient feedback, we are able to make improvements in the areas that patients say matter most to them.

You may be an inpatient staying in one of our hospitals, an outpatient using our services in the community, a Carer, a friend or a family member that is supporting someone using our services. All feedback is welcomed.

Patient, Carer and Family Experience

Our overarching aim is to ensure that patients, their families and carers receive an experience that not only meets but exceeds their expectations of services at the Trust.

To read more our commitment, please download a copy of the Patient, Carer and Family Experience Strategy 2018-2021.

Patient Family  Carers Experience Strategy 2018-2021-web.jpg









Ways to contact us

By Email:

By telephone: 01254 733716

By post:

Patient Experience
Park View Offices
Royal Blackburn Hospital
Haslingden Road

If you would like to share your experience in confidence with an independent organisation, you can  contact Healthwatch BwD on 01254 504985 or you can also post a 'review' of our service on NHS Choices, click here and search by the name of the Hospital or Health Centre your comment is regarding.


Healthwatch is the public voice on health and social care. ELHT is covered by two branches which are Healthwatch Lancashire and Healthwatch Blackburn with Darwen.

The role of Healthwatch is to listen to patients and members of the public and use this information to influence change with in the health and social care system.

You can help to improve services by sharing your stories and recent experiences in any hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, ambulance services or care homes in Lancashire or Blackburn with Darwen.

It is their role to ensure the views of the people are heard when health and social care services are being planned and provided, and also to signpost residents to information and advice services.

Healthwatch is an independent body that strives to be a powerful public voice to influence, change and improve the quality of local health and social care services.

If you would like to share your experience in confidence with an independent organisation please contact:

Healthwatch Lancashire

View the website or call 0300 303 8811.

Healthwatch BwD

 Email  or call on 01254 504985.

The NHS Friends and Family Test

What is the NHS Friends and Family Test?

From April 2013, NHS organisations have had to gather direct feedback from patients within 48 hours of discharge. Patients surveyed are:

  • Adult acute inpatients (who have stayed at least one night in hospital)
  • Adult patients who have attended A&E and either left without being admitted to hospital, or discharged the same day.
  • Women who have accessed our maternity services at 4 different points; 36 weeks antenatal, delivery, postnatal ward and community postnatal discharge
  • Adult patients receiving care and/or treatment within the Community
  • Outpatients including general outpatients and all specialties as well as Therapies and Radiology
  • Surgical Triage Unit
  • Surgical Day Case Unit at Royal Blackburn Teaching Hospital

It is called the ‘Friends and Family Test’ because it is based on asking all patients a standard question:

“How likely are you to recommend our ward/A&E/ department/ service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?”

To give your feedback please select the relevant link below:

A&E(including Urgent Care Centre and Minor Injuries Unit)
Postnatal Community
Postnatal Ward
Day Case

What actually happens?

Patients will have the opportunity to fill in a card just before discharge which they can post on the ward or complete it online when they return home.  As well as answering the question, they will have the chance to add additional comments.

If you attend the Emergency Department / Urgent Care Centre / receive treatment from our Community Services or as an Outpatient, we would like to send you a text message within 48 hours of your discharge to ask whether you would recommend our services to friends and family.  If you do not wish to take part, please notify a member of staff or email the Patient Experience Team at or call 01254 733716 and your number will be removed from all future text correspondence.

The text message is a FREE service and the information you give is confidential.

Do patients have to answer the question?

No. Patients have the option not to be involved, but if they do, their response will be anonymised and confidential.

What will the information be used for?

Firstly, for the Trust to receive direct, quick patient feedback, which will be considered at ward level and by the Trust Board. This  will be used to help improve services.

Secondly, to compare with other similar organisations. Since July 2013, feedback scores for all Trusts have been published nationally on NHS Choices and the Open and Honest publication.

We publish the information for each month with our response rate and satisfaction rates and show what we are doing in response to comments on ‘productive boards’ on the individual wards and departments. You can see these reports below.

For more information visit the website:

Patient Experience Group Report

This report identifies the current position and trends for complaint management within the Trust for the period 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018. Click here to read.